Top 10 Dental Care Tips

Teeth are great blessing to us as they help in chewing the food to make it digestible. Food particles or bacteria remain in our teeth until they are cleaned properly. This debris causes many harmful effects later. So, teeth should be protected from decaying by following some of these tips.

  • Brush Enough

It is important to brush the teeth properly and regularly. Plaque and bacteria attack on our teeth and it can only be removed by proper brushing. It is recommended to brush twice a day. Regular brushing is helpful in producing the batter look of our teeth.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable are not hard for teeth to cut. So, try to eat the thing that are ready to eat instead of hard stuff that causes the teeth to work much to penetrate. Obviously, it will cause good impact on teeth and letting them work properly.

  • Clean your tongue

Most of the people forget this basic term while brushing. Tongue is also brushed properly along with teeth. There are many bacteria accumulated on tongue as well, which attack on teeth later on. So those bacteria and virus are eliminated by proper brushing. You are remove the bacterial accumulation by tongue scraper.

  • Floss regularly

Floss is attributed to the clean in-between the teeth properly. It is necessary because about 80% of the diseases are produced by the accumulation of bacteria and other germs in-between the teeth because Bristles of brush cannot reach in-between the teeth. Dental floss is used to clean them. Wind the floss in middle finger and pinch by thumb and index finger so that about 1 inch is left to clean the teeth. By using the side to side motion, the floss is moved in between the teeth. Don’t worry if there is a bleed. It will be because of infection and germs.

  • Avoid Soda and Smoke

Smoking produces very deep and adverse effects of teeth. Researches showed that smoking causes the mouth cancer and it is also the leading reason for stain on teeth. Those stain are difficult to remove from teeth. Similarly, soda has negative effects too. Soda contains acidic content which is not good for teeth. In order to have healthy and strong teeth, you need to quiet or at least limit these entities.


  • Regular checkup

Teeth cannot be fresh and white for longer time. In case of any problem, go for checkup. Don’t be late or reluctant for checkup. It will change into serious damage or infection if you wouldn’t consult to dentist. You may build up good relation with dentist so that he would pay more heed on your teeth health. Regular checkup is helpful in removing plague and other serious diseases like oral cancer on time. Follow the Toothpaste brands suggested by the dentists.


  • Brushing Technique

Most of the people are regular is brushing but they get no output because plague is still there. The first and far most thing is proper brushing technique. The bristles of brush should be soft and operated at an angle of 45 for 2 minutes in gum. Hold the brush vertically and use several shorter strokes. Flossing should be done too to removed in=between plague. In this way all the plague will be removed. Brushing technique is shown by the following Fig.


  • Pick the right brush

It is important to choose the best brush for your teeth so that you get the maximum output. The bristles of brush should be soft and smaller so that they could reach to all your teeth area to remove the bacteria and food particle. Medium or small tooth brush is advised to use for this purpose.  All change your brush and buy new one after month or two because old brush is the house for bacteria and other microbes.


  • Use enough fluoride

Fluoride is very helpful for teeth. Fluoride prevents teeth from decaying and makes them stronger and healthy. Deficiency of fluoride cause harmful effects. Fixed amount of fluoride is essential and can be used with drinking water. Too much fluoride should be avoided as it creates white spots on teeth. Fluoride makes the enamel stronger. Dentists recommend best toothpaste brands which contain fluoride as an important ingredient.

  • Electric Toothbrushes

Most of the dentists recommend electric toothbrushes. These are preferred because of their high efficiency and performance than normal brushes. Electric brushes reach to the depth of teeth to remove the accumulated plague. Electric toothbrush rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise until the teeth is fully cleaned.


This article provides you the best knowledge how to clean your teeth. By following these techniques and methods you can whiten your teeth and it will put positive image of your nature as well. These tips are well adopted and well accepted by the people worldwide.

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