How Long Do Probiotics Last? All Information You Need

You often hear the advertisement of yogurt that their products have probiotics which is good for digestion. Have you wondered what probiotics is? How long do probiotics last in your body? This article will show you all information you need about probiotic.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are bacteria which is good for health. Probiotics help your gut become better. We don’t know exactly how they work. They can replace the good bacteria. For instance, when the useful bacteria were killed by antibiotics, the probiotics will make function instead of good bacteria.

What are the benefits of probiotics?

Probiotics help you to lose weight, increase immune function and support appetite. These are five benefits which I want to tell you.

Probiotics can balance the good bacteria in the gastrointestinal system

In our digestive system always have good and bad bacteria. They compete to living. When we take antibiotics or have a poor diet, the bad bacteria will win. It is called “imbalance” which lead to bloating, digestive problems or obesity. When we supply probiotics, they will help to keep the balance of the digestive bacteria system.

Probiotics help in preventing and treating diarrhea

Medicine side effects can cause diarrhea. Some studies show that probiotics can prevent diarrhea and ease the severity. The result depends on the individual and types of probiotics you take.

Probiotics make your mental health better

Some studies show that several abnormal mental health can be improved by probiotics. It is the association of gut health and the mood.

Particular probiotics are great for the heart

Your heart and vessel will better if you take probiotics because some probiotic strains reduce the LDL cholesterol. Your blood pressure may be more in controlled.

Probiotics help to increase your immune system

Probiotics stimulate the body to produce more antibodies. People experience that probiotics help in treating respiratory infections.

Where you can find probiotics and top foods for you

Kefir wine

Kefir wine is a fermented milk drink which is similar to yogurt. In this dairy product have about 10 to 34 types of probiotics. People started to use this product about 300 years ago.

Some traditional vegetables

Sauerkraut is formed Germany. It made by fermenting cabbage so that this dish is helpful for the good bacteria growth. Another cultured vegetable is Kimchi which is from Korean. Both of these dishes are good for digestion by the high percentage of enzymes.


Yogurt is the popular food is rich in probiotics. Many types of yogurt in the market, you should choose the yogurt made from goat’s milk. Use yogurt as a dessert will help you have a healthy digestive system and beautiful skin.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is so widespread in cooking and skincare. It provides probiotics for your body and helps to improve your texture skin.


Pickles are a food made from vegetable mixes with salt water. In the past, people didn’t have a thing like a refrigerator to maintain the vegetable, so they invented this method to use vegetable in a long time. These days, this food is still a traditional and favorite food in some countries. Cucumber and cabbage are the popular vegetables to make pickles. They are not high in calories so that it is good at losing weight.

How long do probiotics last in your body?

It’s so difficult to determine the time probiotic stay in your system. Study of Harvard University shows that if you take probiotics daily in two weeks that will help you improve your diarrhea. We don’t have any accurate the answer to the question ‘how long do probiotics last in your body?”.  You should supplement daily to have the best result.

How to take probiotics safety?

Probiotics are good for health, but you should consider some things before supplement probiotics.

Checking the expiration dates

The probiotics are not live forever so that you should care about the probiotics supplement products. If the expiration is out, you should not use that product. It doesn’t have any good effect, and sometimes it can lead to side effects.

Not everyone can take in probiotics

In some case, people should avoid taking probiotics such as the cancer patients get chemotherapy or the transplanted people because the body may not be adaptive the probiotics.

The amount of probiotics is not the same at different food and products

You should find and search the information about the food and the products. I recommended some food which is rich in probiotics. Some products may be same at a price, but the probiotics are not the same.

You should know some side effects of probiotics

As you know, probiotics can treat diarrhea and bloat. However, they can cause these problems as well. It may be the side effects of first few days use supplementing probiotics. You should pay attention the intake amount and the side effects during the intake time.

You should check the products carefully before buying

In the market, they have many types of products which say that they are good at adding probiotics.  They may not true you should check that this product was proved by FDA or not. Make sure that they are not telling a lie. You should also check what type of product suits you. If you don’t know it, you can take some pieces of advice from your doctor or your nutritionist.


“How long do probiotics last?” is still a difficult question. We need to study more. Probiotics are good, but anything is perfect so that you shouldn’t overuse that. Providing probiotics through the food is the best way to supplement probiotics.

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