6 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

A majority of people use the internet to search for some tips and tricks to lose weights in a couple days. Moreover, different channels on the cable TV air shows where people give announce successful and easy ways to lose extra fats and become healthy.


Metabolism is the rate at which body burns the extra calories. It is the best way to burn calories rather than starving yourself the whole day. Here are seven of the best tips to help you get rid of the extra calorie count you have.

Tips to Lose Weight

Jog It Out

Jogging is the best way to sweat out all the extra fats. The ideal way to do the jogging is to start at your normal speed, speed up for 5 minutes and then go back to your normal speed for about 15 minutes. This technique is approved by experts and ensures that you lose fat fast.

Have Green Tea

Green tea is known for its antioxidants but it holds the secret to fast metabolism as well. It contains catechins that fasten up the calorie burn rate to aid you to lose weight in a few days. A recent study also approved the effects of green tea.

Stand More

A recent study has proved that standing burns calories more than sitting does. This trick ensures to burn 174 more calories than any other way. If you want to lose weight, try standing for as much as you can. ShowTime hosts many health-related shows and you can find the answer to FAQ “What channel is ShowTime on Optimum?” on Optimum’s website.

Have Proper Calorie Amount

Many people cut out the essential calorie count in the urge to lose weight. However, this technique makes your body react in opposite way. Body starts to save the meals you eat in order to use as energy for the next time. It is better for you to have the necessary calorie count per day.

Eat Chocolates

A research has shown that a high quality of dark chocolate when taken in moderate amount for two weeks, results in weight loss. A chemical named flavonoid present in cocoa flares up the metabolism rate and burns calories at a faster rate.

Sleep Well

According to a study sleep, deprivation affects metabolism badly. It also increases the production of ghrelin in the body, which makes people feel hungry all the time. To lose extra pounds you should have a sound sleep every night.

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