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Health and wellbeing

Health inequalities and social exclusion have no place in the world.

We’re harnessing the power of our brands to make a lasting impact – because brands with purpose grow.

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Strategy and goals

Our brands have long helped people safeguard their health through washing their hands with soap or brushing their teeth day and night. But we’re doing more than simply providing world-class products – we’re building a more inclusive portfolio of products.

That means challenging narrow ideals of beauty and helping to end the discrimination that permeates many parts of the beauty industry.

We’re creating products that cater to a greater diversity of beauty. We’re enhancing our educational initiatives and expanding into new areas such as mental wellbeing. And we’re stepping up our brand programmes to drive gender equity.

Find out about our Health and wellbeing strategy and goals
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Taking a stand

Health isn’t just the absence of disease, it encompasses wellbeing in all its forms: physical, mental and social.

But none of these can be achieved without the foundations of a fairer, more inclusive society where everyone can take advantage of opportunities equally, without being held back by discrimination or stereotypes.

We want to transform the systems that hold individuals back by advocating new policies, laws and social norms that will promote health, wellbeing and greater inclusion for all members of society. We’re using our brands with purpose, our partnerships and our voice to drive positive change.

Discover how we’re taking a stand on health and wellbeing
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Latest health and wellbeing news

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A bottle of Mele’s Most No Shade Sunscreen Oil on a golden background

Beyond skin-deep: Creating inclusive products through inclusive R&D

By combining industry-leading understanding of melanin-rich skin with insights from dermatologists and consumers of colour, Unilever R&D’s Polycultural Centre of Excellence is developing products to address the unmet needs in the beauty, wellbeing and personal care space.

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