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Positive nutrition

Everyone deserves access to good food. We're growing our business by making healthier and plant-based foods accessible to all.

And we’re using our voice to create a more sustainable food system.

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Strategy and goals

Conflicting and contradictory health issues – like malnutrition and obesity on the one hand, and social and environmental issues like food poverty and food waste on the other – are part of a complex, interdependent food system.

We’re helping people to choose healthier diets and reduce the environmental impact of the global food chain.

We've set clear goals on reformulating our products to reduce salt, sugar and calories and we're aiming for 70% of our portfolio to meet World Health Organization-aligned nutritional standards. We're providing more plant-based meat and dairy alternatives and tackling the important issues of food loss and waste.

Find out about our Positive nutrition strategy and goals
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Taking a stand

We want to see a shift to a world where everyone – whatever their lifestyle or budget – has access to quality nutrition, with plenty of plant-based choices.

That transformation requires a more sustainable global food system – one that serves consumers and producers fairly and that cuts waste and promotes sustainable agriculture.

We’re working with many partners – including governments and health authorities, civil society and retailers – to help make a difference to the multifaceted issues embedded in the food system. It’s not easy, but from farm to fork, we’re determined to be a force for good in food.

Discover how we’re taking a stand on positive nutrition
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