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Protect and regenerate nature

Taking a stand

When nature thrives, so will we. Regenerating nature is one of the biggest contributions we can make towards tackling climate change and improving livelihoods.

Nature is our ally, provider and protector – it’s time we returned the favour

By working collectively, we can tackle deforestation, build regenerative agricultural systems, restore landscapes and preserve water.

Overhead image of a forest

The two biggest crises humanity faces today are climate change and social inequality – and they are inextricably linked.

Nature plays a vital role in tackling climate change. Our ecosystems, land and oceans soak up and store CO2 from the atmosphere. Yet these natural resources are being lost at an alarming rate, and one million species are already threatened with extinction. If we can stop the destruction, and protect and restore forests around the world, it’s estimated that humanity could achieve 18% of the emissions cuts needed by 2030 to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Bird’s-eye view of river flowing through forest

Protecting and regenerating our planet

What if we could stop deforestation in its tracks – not in 10 or 20 years, but by 2023?

We’re on a mission to do just that. We’ve committed to achieving a deforestation-free supply chain for our key crops – palm oil, soy, cocoa, paper and board, and tea – by 2023. We’ll only achieve this through deep partnership with our suppliers. Our People and Nature Policy (PDF 2.04 MB) sets out the principles for how we’ll work together to accelerate progress to protect forests and ecosystems. This includes strengthening our requirements for disclosure, upholding human rights, and increasing transparency, traceability and collaboration.

Meeting our zero-deforestation goal is essential and, while it may be ambitious, it’s still not enough on its own. It’s time to go beyond doing less harm and start actively regenerating nature. Our Regenerative Agriculture Principles set out how we’ll work with suppliers and farmers in our supply chain to create a positive impact. This means supporting our suppliers in adopting practices that nourish soil, increase biodiversity, improve water quality, capture carbon and improve livelihoods.

More than 500 million smallholders rely on farming and growing to make a living – and many of them face hurdles, including lack of access to good seeds and other farm inputs, gender inequality, lack of finance and poor health and sanitation. By understanding their challenges and unlocking opportunities through training and support, we can help farmers and their communities to prosper and become frontline agents in the fight to protect and regenerate our forests and natural resources.

We’re putting our €1 billion Climate & Nature Fund towards our climate and nature goals as we work to address complex climate and social challenges. Stopping deforestation will help us meet our climate ambitions, improve the livelihoods of the smallholder farmers we work with, and build a more sustainable and resilient supply chain.

There is no time to waste

Our products are used by 3.4 billion people every day, so our choices and actions can make a big difference.

We’ve seen the science – we know what needs to be done. Now we need to find the right partners, projects and people to make it happen. By working collectively, we can tackle deforestation, build regenerative agricultural systems, restore landscapes and preserve water.

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