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At Unilever, we have ambitious plans to deliver growth - for ourselves and our partners - whilst doing good for people and the planet.

To achieve long-term, sustainable growth, we choose to partner with those who share our values.

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At Unilever Procurement, we have big ambitions. Our Procurement with Purpose vision seeks to ensure we are a purpose-led, value-driven and future-fit organisation that creates growth while delivering on Unilever’s commitments to make sustainable living commonplace.

Procurement sits at the heart of our Compass Organisation. With a €33 billion spend across a diverse portfolio including food and ingredients, packaging, commodities and marketing and business services, our work touches every part of the business, putting us in a unique position to make a positive impact on people and planet.

Our 1,300+ employees operate at the forefront of competitive buying, sustainable sourcing and purpose-led partnerships. We seek to combine our own technology expertise and insights with our partners, to support the creation of disruptive sourcing strategies and supplier-led innovation that respond to ever-changing consumer needs quickly, flexibly and effectively.

Partnerships play a big role in our success. Every partner in our value chain has a role to play in creating the value, capacity and capability we need to deliver brands and products that consumers love and that support the wellbeing of people and planet. We’re committed to collaborations that generate value and growth for Unilever and our partners.

We draw on the collective power of our 54,000-strong supplier ecosystem to pilot new technologies, strengthen our service resilience and make progress on the big issues facing nature and society. We encourage and support our suppliers on their own sustainability journeys and prioritise those who demonstrate shared values of respect and responsibility for people and planet by committing to our standards around responsible sourcing, sustainability and human rights. We believe that, by combining the expertise and integrity of our partners with our own, we can raise industry standards.

Join us on our journey of making a positive impact on people and planet.

Willem Uijen

Chief Procurement Officer

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Partner with Purpose

Unilever’s Partner with Purpose programme is taking purpose-led partnerships to a whole new level.

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We’re moving to faster electronic invoicing for all our partners and eliminating paper-based processing.

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